New Client Facial                             90min I $165

If you’re new to Esthetics by Heather and are looking for long-term skin solutions, start here!


At this appointment we sit down and discuss your current home care routine, skincare goals and ideal treatment plan for your skin going forward. After your consultation, receive an in-depth skin analysis to help determine skin type, underlying conditions and causes. Once we have completed this analysis, enjoy a hydrating or deep cleansing treatment to begin targeting your concerns. We finish your appointment by discussing your updated home care regimen and future treatment recommendations to support & achieve your skin care goals. 

Discovery Session                                    60min I $100

This service is great for those who are already receiving skincare services at Esthetics By Heather but are ready to dig deeper. During this hour-long consultation, we will dive deep into how your work/play lifestyle may be causing some of your skincare troubles and even how different meds and conditions affect our skin on a cellular level.

I'll ask you to bring any current skincare products, vitamins/supplements, and prescriptions. You'll also come in with a naked, unwashed face because we'll be taking some eye-opening pictures with my new Observ camera. We'll be talking next week about what these pictures can reveal.

Once we've gotten to the root of your problems on a cellular level we'll talk about home care and in-office changes we can do to address those skin conditions.

Bespoke Facial                            60min I $105

The Bespoke Facial means you don’t need to worry about which facial to choose! Because skin rarely falls into a one-size-fits all approach, you tell me your skin concerns and your facial will be completely customized with targeted exfoliants, serums, creams and masks to reach your skin care goals - whether you’re struggling with acne, aging, pigmentation or sensitive/stressed skin. Also enjoy a relaxing face, hand and shoulder massage during your skin treatment because this facial is truly where results meets relaxation!

Targeted Treatments.                          40min I $52 ea.

When you're short on time but still want to get working on those stubborn issues like pigmentation, acne, texture, and fine lines and wrinkles the Targeted Treatment is the perfect solution. During this treatment, we take out the extra relaxing pieces so you can get in out, and out. After doing your New Client Facial or Discovery Session I will customize this treatment to your skin's specific needs. This type of treatment can be done as often as once a week depending on what we are working on or used as a maintenance facial between more aggressive treatments like CIT.

Celluma Series                    45min

Series of 12 $480 | $45 single session

Based on NASA research, the Celluma LED Facial is an advanced skin treatment proven to massive healing results by delivering blue, red and near-infrared light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions like acne, lines & wrinkles, rosacea, skin texture and inflammation. How does it work? Each color wavelength is absorbed by different molecules in the skin to trigger cellular healing for all grades of acne, rosacea, and deep lines. This facial includes a double cleanse, LED Therapy, treatment serums, moisturizer and sunscreen. We offer Celluma LED Facials in a series of 12 as LED Light Therapy gives best results with cumulative treatments. Once your 12 treatment series is done you’ll come in just once a month for maintenance.

Acne Express Light Facial                50min

Series of 6 $360 | $65 Single Session

This facial combines the bacteria-fighting blue light of the Celluma LED Light Therapy with added benefits of exfoliation and hydration for clients with active acne. During this facial, we first target the build-up of oils & congestion with powerful enzymes to break down & reduce acne bacteria. We proceed with a 30 minute blue light treatment with the Celluma LED which destroys even more bacteria and reduces redness and inflammation and followed by hydrating and purifying serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen. This treatment is best done in a series of 6 to create powerful accumulative results but, can also be a great option between facials or for the occasional breakout.

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