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Meet the Team


Hi, I'm Heather and I'm here to show you how simple it can be to have healthier more radiant skin!


I love working with  all of my clients by getting to know their lifestyle, skincare needs, skin goals and most importantly, what makes them feel confident in their own skin.


I'm also all about  relaxation - I believe that it's an important component of healthy skin and a balanced lifestyle. While I make sure that all of my treatments are relaxing and rejuvenating don't let that fool you! All of my treatments are results driven and based around your goals.

Beyond Skin

As much as I love my career, I'm also very passionate about travel and often find myself in wonderful conversations with clients about their recent or exciting adventures. I've blended these two passions by traveling several times a year to trade shows and conferences to stay up to date on the latest treatments and ingredients.


On the weekends I love exploring our great state by camping and hiking with my husband and out sassy Healer Nova!

​Hi I’m Arianna 👋 I live in the Palmer Wasilla area but I am originally from New York. I enjoy baking, singing, animals and all things crafty. I am also a big fan of the sunshine and warm weather. I am so excited to start out my journey as a licensed esthetician! I can’t wait to learn all new things, expand my knowledge and help others feel confident and beautiful in their skin! 💕

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The Esthetics By Heather Difference

Your experience at Esthetics By Heather has been specifically designed to be a rejuvenating and supportive space to guide and strengthen healthy, glowing skin with in-depth consultations, customized treatments and appropriate home care.

At Esthetics by Heather I consider it an honor to be your Skin Therapist and value the trust you place in me. I promise advanced skin care treatments & waxing expertize in a warm and welcoming, judgement-free esthetics studio that prioritizes health, education & punctuality.

Our Professional Values


Making sure you feel welcome during your treatment is the founding value of Esthetics by Heather. This space is a judgement-free zone - whether you’re nervous about your first wax or not sure what’s causing your skin problems - you’ll be treated with warmth and respect throughout your guest experience. 



In this fast-paced and overly-digital world, I understand that life can become frenetic with distractions. However, in my opinion, lateness undermines the mutual respect and trust of a relationship. At Esthetics by Heather you can expect your treatment to start and finish on time. 



The overarching focus of the esthetics industry is health & wellness - I just happen to use skin therapy & waxing as my modalities to support client well-being! But the value of health is also applied to the products, tools and equipment used in my treatment room, all of which are cleaned and sanitized to state regulations. I take health & hygiene very seriously for both your safety and mine. 



In the world of beauty, products, techniques and technology are continually changing and I completely understand how confusing it is for consumers to make wise, healthy beauty decisions. I commit to multiple trainings and trade shows every year to hone my skin and esthetics skills & expertise. I filter through marketing hype for you and only offer treatments that serves my clients needs.



Regular treatments and professional home care are key pieces to clear, youthful skin - but I believe there is another defining factor to beauty - peacefulness. Stress directly impacts many aspects of our health & wellbeing so when I opened Esthetics by Heather, my ultimate goal was to create a warm, relaxing space where all tension could melt away, leaving both skin and mind feeling rested & refreshed.

We look forward to meeting you!

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